Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Furniture Redo

She's tanned.  She's petite.  She's curvy.

No I'm not talking about a lady, I'm talking about our side table.  Doesn't everybody give their furniture a gender?

Well anyway, she was tan but now she's lime green, or chartreuse if you want to give it a fancy named colour.

Now I did this during the summer.  What I learned is you never should let painted furniture dry during a summer evening.  Reason: No See-Ums.  Yes, when I went back to check it's progress, there were all these bugs stuck to my work.  Why didn't I think about these bugs?  'Cause I didn't See-Um (har har).  So I grabbed a pair of tweezers and hoped they would come off that way but I ended up spearing them instead and little bug guts graced the table.  I then just wrapped some tape around my hand and picked them off that way.

Our living room was in desperate need of some colour and I'd say that's no longer an issue.



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