Monday, January 14, 2013

Looney Update

Did you think I gave up on my Looney recipe challenge?  Nah, I just took awhile to post.  So, I've been busy in the kitchen.  Here are the recent recipes I've made.
By the way, all of the Looneyspoons recipes have quirky names.  Take for example the Zucchini loaf bread : "Isn't she Loafly?"  Every time I read that title I have Stevie Wonder stuck in my head!

"Isn't She Loafly?"  Chocolate, chocolate-chip Zucchini loaf:

"The Sound of Muesli" A high-fiber breakfast blend of oats, yogurt and fresh fruit.  So it's the dead of winter and I am not buying expensive out of season fruit.  I instead opted for frozen.  I will try this again in the summer for sure.  It was delicious.

"Roastess with the Mostest" Lemon and Herb roasted whole chicken:  This one was so good.  A keeper.

"Britney's Spears" Roasted asparagus with balsamic vinegar and Parmesan cheese:

"Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Fudge" Creamy, foolproof chocolate and peanut-butter fudge: 
Warning: Truly addicting.

And a few I forgot to take pictures of since my mouth was just too impatient to wait for a photo shoot.

-Tzatziki Sauce; which was really really good. It went with:
- "Acropolos Sandwich" Lemon-Oregano chicken in a whole grain-pita with veggies and  tzatziki sauce
-"Dilly Beloved" Baked chicken breasts with maple, mustard, lemon and dill.

So I'm off to write a grocery list for this weeks recipes for those "odd" ingredients.  They're really not that odd.  I'm just expanding my repertoire of ingredients.


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