Saturday, February 2, 2013

Looney Weeks 3, 4 and 5

First of all, how is it Saturday already?  Yeesh!

I'm still keeping up with the recipes as per my resolution. Here they are from the last three weeks.

Ham-Me-Down Dinner: Baked ham and pineapple with orange-mustard sauce
Twice as Nice Coconut Rice: A fragrant rice dish
Risky Biscuits: Mouthwatering sour cream and sweet potato biscuits (very light and fluffy)

Morning Gloryous Muffins: Moist and marvelous everything-but-the-kitchen-sink muffins (Your telling me. There's so much packed into these!)

Bon Bon Jovi: Chewy, chocolaty, oatmeal and coconut clusters

Eenie Meenie Fettuccine: Lightened-up fettuccine Alfredo with tuna and sweet green peas

Welcome Back, 'Cotta: Lemon-ricotta pancakes with fresh blueberry sauce.  Not your average pancake.  By the way, with the leftover blueberry sauce I had, I added it to vanilla ice cream.  It was very good.  I think I'm going to make just the blueberry sauce next time just so I can add it to ice cream.

Mr. Bowjangles: Simple bow-tie pasta with chicken, broccoli and sun-dried tomatoes in a light broth

Tubes and Cubes: Rigatoni tubes with chicken cubes and barbecue sauce

Marsha Marsha Marshmallow Squares: Toasted-Oat Cereal Squares (really really good!)

Everybody Loves Raysins: Soft and chewy oatmeal raisin cookies

Other recipes tried but forgot the pictures:
Stew Good to Be True: Slow cooker beef and vege stew.  I loves me the slow cooker!
Sticky Chicky: Baked chicken thighs in a sticky sweet barbecue sauce
Chowdown Chickpea Chowda: Hearty chickpea and vege chowder
Rice 'n' Easy Casserole: Cheesy broccoli, cauliflower and rice casserole

This whole process of cooking through this cookbook is very satisfying.  I'm one month into it and have already tried 31 recipes!  I'm on track to completing it with one recipe a day.


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