Sunday, July 7, 2013

Kool-Aid Dishwasher Cleaner

Hi All,

Dishwashers.  They clean your dishes, hence the name.  But I never really thought I had to clean the dishwasher.  I mean I do wipe it out every once and a while.  Deep clean a dishwasher?  Your dishes come out clean so I figured the washer itself should be clean too, right?  But we do deep clean our showers, baths and sinks, so it does make sense to deep clean the dishwasher too.

I've read about using Kool-Aid to clean your dishwasher.  Apparently, ONLY Kool-Aid Lemonade works because of the citric acid.  I went shopping and all I could find was Kool-Aid Lemon-Lime.  I figured Lime is also a citrus right?  So I gave it a try. (Normal Cycle, no dishes)

The result?  Inconclusive.   I think it worked. The dishwasher didn't smell as bad as it usually does after a load.  It didn't really smell at all, and I think it looked cleaner.  I will have to try the Lemonade one to compare.  Good news though; my dishwasher didn't turn green!

I wanted to write this post just to debunk the "Lemonade is the only Kool-Aid to work".  Lemon-Lime also works, I think.


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