Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Crafty Important Dates Reminder

Hi All,

I currently keep dates I need to remember, like anniversaries, birthdays, dates loved ones passed away on; on a lined paper.  At the beginning of the year I transfer those days onto the calendar.  Simple, easy, blah!

I wanted to remember dates novenas start on and feast days other than Christmas and New's Years too, like St.Joseph the worker and St.Terese's feast day.

Could I do this with crafty flair?  Oh yes, yes I could.  And I did.

Here's what I used: A Cassette Tape holder, paper cutter, fancy cardstock, white cardstock, itty bitty stamps from Michaels and a marker (instead of an ink pad I just colour the bottom of the stamp and press).

Cut the sheets of cardstock to the desired sizes you'd like.  Turn your cassette cover back so it sits like a card holder, and fancy that up. Glue on the white cardstock to the front of your papers.

Stamp your months and glue them on. Write in your dates.  Ta Da!

I think I'll write in pencil, just in case there are more dates to add.  I don't want to keep making a new card.


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