Saturday, June 1, 2013

Family Rosary

Hi All,

Here is the finished Month of Mary Moon filled with stars as promised. 124 Stars to be exact.  

Now on to today's post.  If you would have told me three months ago I'd be writing a post on family rosary I would have scoffed.  I've tried many times before to implement family prayer but nothing ever stuck.    
Finally, I said "Enough is enough. We're just going to DO something, and stick with it."

With the help of a rosary CD, which you can get at the Mary Foundation, and our own sticker chart I made using Open Office, I can now say we have STUCK with a family Rosary since March.

We keep the chart on our fridge with an envelope that holds stickers.  When we don't do the Rosary, I draw a cross (as seen near the end of the chart) , instead of that sad face you see 'cause it was, well...sad.

Evidence that we've been doing this for awhile.


-Have a special treat afterwards, like ice cream or jello.  Hey, even a jellybean is worth it.  
-Depending on age, allow the kids to play quietly with something, like blocks, or look at a book.

Our rules for Rosary time are: 
-No unnecessary noises or talking.  
-Must be in the same room.

Afterwards, we cheer and run to the fridge to put a sticker on our chart.  I even like to pick my own sticker!

The real point is to make this time enjoyable and the kids can look back on family Rosary time with good memories.  It's okay if the kids aren't really saying each "Hail Mary".  Remember, the only bad Rosary is one not said.


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