Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Advent 2013

Hi All,

So I thought I'd share with you how we're celebrating advent this year in our household.  Like I have done in previous years, our Advent wreath is made with window crayons (bought from Michaels) but this year it's being displayed from our front window so the whole neighbourhood can see.

I love "lighting" the candles each week.

Update: I just realized I drew 3 pink and 1 purple!  It's supposed to be 3 purple and 1 pink.  Silly me.

Also, this year I made a new Jesse Tree using a printout from here.  I cut out a circle and glued it to the lids from those juice containers.  I knew they'd come in handy some day.

I wrote the date on the back and glued a magnet strong enough to support the weight of the lid.  My front door is metal so I drew a tree there using the same Window crayons from the wreath.

Each day we'll read a poem of that particular story from a toddler bible.  I tried reading from the actual bible, but it was long and the kids lost focus.  I'd recommend using the kid stuff with bright pictures to keep their attention.

Happy Advent!


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