Thursday, December 5, 2013

I'm Back

Hi All,

You miss me?  Well, whether you did or didn't, I'm back.  Now, I'm not back blogging every week.  To tell you the truth, part of the reason why I left, besides my other reasons, was, I was reading other blog posts from other bloggers on how to have a successful blog.  Some reasoned "you get out of it what you put into it", others say that just blogging when you feel like it won't get you anywhere.

I felt pressured to blog every week, and well, that was exhausting.  Not that I actually blogged every week, but even just trying to, uuggh. Also, I was in a funk.  Thoughts like "Are my ideas really all that great?" or "Who really cares what I accomplish anyway?" plagued me.

On my hiatus, I reflected on my motivation for blogging.  For me it was a source of accountability.  Knowing yourself and what makes you tick can help you greatly in life.  I knew, for some things I needed accountability in order to successfully accomplish some goals.  Usually, when you say that you're going to do something, out loud, to people, you tend to do them.  I need to get back to that.

So what now?  Well, I try again, not because I want my blog to be "successful" by the blogging world's standards but because I want to keep track of what I do.  Sometimes we can go through a whole day, week, month and think "I haven't accomplished anything!". This could be a way to remember what I actually do.  And maybe, just maybe, my ideas may help motivate or inspire someone else.

So although I may not be back every week, or two weeks even, I'll be here, blogging when I feel like it whether I'm "successful" or not.


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