Thursday, April 10, 2014

Much Better

Hi All,

Do you remember that wipeable kitchen bench pillow tutorial?  Well cue failure music, womp womp wooomp.

Yup.  Pretty terrible isn't it?  The glue didn't hold very well and the sewn lines were more like perforated lines beckoning to be torn.  It was just sad to look at every time you entered the kitchen.  I needed to do something which basically involved making another one.  I found a bright and cheery (which BTW is the theme we're going for in our house) outdoor fabric.  And now cue triumphant music, da da da daaa!


I followed the same tutorial as the green pillow but this one looks like it will stand up to more wear-and-tear than the other. And instead of gluing the opening closed, I was able to sew it closed which will make it sturdier.  Much easier to work with this fabric too. 

 This bench has had so many stages and I have learned so many skills and patience.  I also used up a lot a patience as well!  I can cautiously say it now feels complete.

Make It and Love It

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