Monday, April 27, 2015

Makin' Yarn

I constantly need to have my hands busy.  Especially when I'm watching a show.  I can't just sit and watch.  No.  I'd feel like I'm wasting time.  If I'm not folding clothes or crocheting I turn to this soothing project during TV time:  Making yarn.

I've made yarn from clothes before. But here I am making it out of sheets or old duvet covers.  I keep this project in a bin and accessible so when the opportunity strikes I'm ready.

 Just look at those beautiful balls.

We're planning on ripping out our carpet and putting in a laminate floor which means we're going to need some sort of area rug.  That is what this will be for.  I plan on making a rug but for that I'm gonna need lots of yarn.  I've seen many methods but this is the one I use.  The only difference is I cut them into 1" strips instead of 2".

My neighbour mention she has some old sheets that she's going to give me and I got so giddy when she mentioned it.  They're Micky Mouse sheets, so you know those balls will be colourful.  Umm, that didn't sound so good, but I think you know what I mean.

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