Monday, July 13, 2015

Memorabilia Drawstring Backpack

Back in May my daughter and I volunteered at a local race together.  Since I couldn't run in it, I thought it would be nice to give back to the running community in this small way.

We each received a volunteer shirt.  They were both size large. When we got home I questioned what to do with my daughters t-shirt.

My answer was "You make a drawstring bag from it".  I used a pattern from Sewing to Sell

I gathered my materials and cut them to size.  I forgot to take a picture of the t-shirt but as you can see it was large enough to get two 18" squares from both sides. 

For the liner I used some material that I made a skirt from and then never wore because it looked awful.  It was terrible for a skirt but fabulous for the liner of this bag.

And there you have it; the finished product.

This was made for my daughter who helped me that day.  It's a nice way to commemorate the day that we spent together.  And she has a functional bag to boot.  I will probably make one out of my t-shirt to hold my gym shoes in. 


  1. Good that you could fine some use for them, if you couldn't wear them anymore.

  2. That's such a good idea! What a sweet little bag and she gets all the fun of the shirt without having to wear it as a dress!


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