Wednesday, July 8, 2015


So there have been a lot of little girl birthdays around the neighbourhood lately.   I turned to my quick and easy sewn headband pattern found on Happy Together's blog here.  It's great.  I've made at least 8 already.  It's easier to make multiples actually.  If I do an assembly line (like 4 at a time) they average about 15 min to make, each.

Here are just two of the ones I made.

 And since they're reversible here's the other side:

A pretty cute and quick gift I'd say.  Almost every little girl in the area has one, and they're each unique, just like the girls who wear them.

The next three or so blog posts will be scheduled while I await the arrival of baby #6.  Don't need to be thinking about blogging while I'm nursing and recovering, that's for sure.

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