Monday, March 4, 2013

Organized Kids Bathroom

Hi everyone,

 I have recently been watching a lot of videos from Professional Organizer Alejandra here.  There are a lot of great organizing tips.  After being inspired by her skills I recently re-organized our kids bathroom. I only have after pictures.  It wasn't bad before but it's much more functional now.

This is under the sink.  Facecloths are folded upright in the wicker basket.  Toilet bowl cleaner is in the background, towels on the right and TP on the left.  I like to buy square or rectangular baskets when I visit the thrift store.  You can do a lot of organizing with them, hence below picture.  But also they work great in the pantry or in dresser drawers to corral undies and socks.

The medicine cabinet holds extra shampoo and bubble bath.

The crowning jewel is behind the door.  Everything has it's place.  And the kids can just see what they need and grab it.  It also makes it easier to put thingsaway and encourages it.  All I need to do is label the pockets.

Starting from the top. If I have the cleaning products readily available I am more likely to clean without making excuses.  Extra flossers are kept here as well as extra toothbrushes which I need to buy.

Kids nail clippers, extra bar soap, curlers I made following this tutorial, head-bands, hair clips and creams  have their places.

Lastly, in this bottom section, each child has their own spot for their toothbrushes.  The hair brushes are easily available, as well as hair bands and toothpaste.

Garbage on the left, kids bath toys on the right.  Notice the re-rolled toilet paper?  Not unusual in our house, or any house with a toddler.

I removed the one bar towel in favour of the Ikea multi-holder.

A close up of the artwork I made.  I bought 4 canvases from the dollar store, painted them blue and then mod podged scraps of fabric.

 So that's it.  Much more functional.  All that is left to do it patch up the holes from them previous towel holder and label the over the door pocket organizer.  It's from Canadian Tire by the way.  This did not just come about over night.  It's been in the works for a while.  The over the door pockets did transform it quite a bit over night though.


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