Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Since I've been training for this marathon coming up in May, I've been practicing discipline and fortitude in my life.  When I really want to sleep, I get up instead to go run, knowing this sacrifice will pay off in the end (hopefully).  When I feel like giving up, and think "Why am I putting myself through this again?", I keep going.
I'm not saying this to toot my own horn here.  I'm just letting you know that this is how I'm practicing these virtues.

I'm finding that practicing these two virtues are snowballing in other areas in my life as well as other virtues.  One virtue I'm really working it at is, simplicity.  We're organizing up a storm in our house.  Purging, sorting, putting things in their place.   I'm also putting restrictions on my computer and internet usage.  I've limited myself to 30 min a day.  So now I must be very selective in how I use my time on the computer.  No more watching videos on Global online.  Less Pinterest, less blog hopping.  The computer is like a black hole for time.  Precious, precious time.

This will translate into more time doing the things that ought to get done in this house such as cleaning, organizing, sewing and most importantly, family time.

With this in mind, I've decided to not blog about my Looneyspoons adventure.  It's taking too much time, taking pictures of the food, deciding on which picture is best, posting it, etc.  This blog isn't a cooking blog and I never intended it as such.

I was even debating on keeping this blog.  But I still have many useful ideas, tips and projects to share so I will continue to post on projects, organizing ideas, family life and helpful tips.

Here is one tip that can help you with putting limits on what ever you need.  An online visual timer.

Here's one you can purchase.  www.timetimer.com

A free online one that I use can be found here.  You can set it for any time you need.  There are also different kinds too.  A bomb countdown, sand timer, even a metronome!  It's great for kids.  They can see how long they have left for computer time.  Also great for 15 min purging, or a 30 min house cleaning blitz.

Speaking of using up my computer time, I've used up my 30 min of the day for this post.  Hope it was helpful.


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