Thursday, March 28, 2013

Organized Master Bathroom

Hello All,

We've made a few changes in our Master Bathroom.  On my husbands side there was no medicine cabinet so instead we used a silver tray to corral some of his personal items. It worked for a time, but water would occasionally splash onto it and would rust. And wiping down the counters was a pain.

 Well, after two years, I had it with the rust.  Time for a change!  On the wall there was one lonely little circle towel bar thingy for a face towel.  Instead, we chucked it and opted for a hook.
These picture ledges are from IKEA, $10 ea.  Now the items are off the counter (not my husbands items, they're my photo props) and I can wipe the counter in peace.

My bathroom drawer is organized using what I had, such as Fig newton cookie packaging and the top of an egg carton.  I also hot glued the magnetic strip for my bobby pins and such.

I found this item at Dollarama, originally intended for a locker since there are magnets on the back.  I just sewed a couple loops with ribbon (you could hot glue for a no-sew solution) and added hooks (Dollarama).  This houses my hair bands and head bands that I use for working out.

As for all the the little extra do-dads that accumulate, you know, the free samples you get in the mail, the travel sized toiletries you acquire at hotels, and all the other little extras you have that you don't use everyday?  They're in the closet behind the door.  To prevent it from swaying and banging every time the door opens, I attached adhesive hook-and-loop tape to the bottom corners.

One last feature. The shower.  We had placed an over the shower head caddy over the water handle, but it just wasn't working so great. I realized we had some great hooks that work on tile and glass (not walls).  They're the As-See-On-Tv hooks with suction.  And voila!

Mornings are more fun to get ready for when everything has they're place.  Yes, I said mornings are fun.



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