Monday, April 15, 2013

Magnetic Marble Run

Here's a simple marble run that's sure to entertain, for at least .... 10 min.

I've kept random magnets that come in the mail.  I knew someday they would come in handy and sure enough, today proved to be that day.

All you need is:
- strong magnets
- paper towel tube, or toilet paper tubes
- little cup, milk cap (so you can catch the marble, and to bounce off)
- hot glue

All you do;
-cut the tubes in half
-cut the magnet ot fit the tubes but make sure there's a lot of surface area.  It will make the tubes stick better on the fridge.
-hot glue magnets on the back
-place on fridge in strategic ways and have fun!

Just a note.  The magnets need to be of good quality, otherwise when the marble hits the tube, it will just fall off the fridge.

There you have it.  Practically free entertainment.  Careful with marbles and little ones.


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