Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mastering Lists

I am a list taker.   I'd write items on scrap pieces of paper and then lose the papers only to find them later and realize I have the same item written down on a couple papers.  After crossing off some items I would throw the list away 'cause I didn't want to keep a list with only one item left.  I  intended to transfer that lone item to the another flighty loose list, but sometimes didn't.  I ended up forgetting things and on the back of my mind I'd have this "what was I trying to remember?" taunting me.  It was beginning to stress me out.

"Never fear! Take charge!" I say!!!

I needed a place to put all of my lists.  One central location that I can refer to and not lose.  I wanted to be able to carry it with me.  Not it in a bulky book.  I also wanted to add papers and delete them if I wanted.

So I made my own using a vertical duotang, cardstock and labels.  I cut the duotang to a nice size to be able to carry it anywhere.

Not bad.  It worked for a couple days, but the pages were hard to turn and write on. Not pleasing to the eye, either.  I didn't place the tabs evenly and they were crooked.  Blah!

I had this address book.

Cute, but it didn't really work for our contacts.  Sometimes I'd record people under their last name, and some by their first.  I couldn't remember which.  Plus we don't know that many people to have to separate them alphabetically.  So here's the new Address Book. I did a swap.

I now have people filed under categories Family, Friends and Neighbours.

Much better.

And this is what I did with the address book.

First I took out some of the dividers.

Labelled them.

I had to cut my own paper and use a one-hole-puncher to punch the holes.

I added pretty cardstock to cover the "Address Book" label and made my own.

Much better.

The envelope on the left holds paper for confession.  If I try to remember my sins; as soon as I get into the confessional, they're gone.  Which is how it truly is but only after you confess them!

Now all my lists have a home.

To Do: My general to do's that don't fit anywhere else, like -fill out paper work, -complete claim, etc.

House Projects:  All my organizing projects that I have planned.

Sewing Projects: Self explanatory, no?

Blog:  What I want to blog about and the many things I want to learn about running a blog.

Goals:  My bucket list goes here, and personal goals.

To Buy:  Things I need for the kids, such as shoes and sizes, sewing supplies needed and any organizing items I need go here.  I don't know about you , but even if I go in a store even only needing to buy one item; as soon as I go into the store, poof!  It's gone.  Outta my mind, gone. "What did I need to buy again?" This list is such a saver, for time and sanity I might add.

There you have it.


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