Monday, April 29, 2013

Month of Mary

May is a couple days away.  Catholics celebrate May as the Month of Mary.  We honor her is various ways as a way to thank her for her sacrifices.  In no way do we worship her, nor does she wish to be worshipped.  Just a quick Catholic tidbit for you. :)  We also make a pilgrimage to a local shrine or Grotto.

Anyway, last year I cut out a large crown from some sturdy paper and each day the kids would colour a small flower and we would glue them on the crown while saying a "Hail Mary" prayer.  As you can see at the end of May, the flowers add up.  That's 31 days and three children (at that time who could colour) each pasting a flower on the crown.

This year I decided to cut out a large moon shape (aka: circle).  I described Mary as the moon.  She reflects the light of the Son (Sun).  We look to her for light in a dark world but we know she's not the source of the light.  Instead of flowers we're going to colour stars. 31 Days, 4 children who can now colour.  That's a lot of stars.

Also, each day we'll say a "Hail Mary" for certain people / situations.  The list is posted to the right of the moon.

Some ideas that you could offer up a "Hail Mary" for are:
-The Pope
-The sick and those who care for them
-Government officials
-Military members
-The homeless
-The hungry and those without clean water
-Safety of children in schools/daycares
-Family life
-Those who do not truly know the peace and love of Jesus

I'll share with you the result of our Moon in June.


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  1. This is a nice activity for May...and encouraging for those of us trying to jump into more prayer with the kids!
    Thanks for sharing at!


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