Saturday, May 18, 2013

Fixing a Rosary

Hi All,

Toddler + Rosary = Broken Rosary

I had a few broken Rosaries stashed away in the house from previous toddlers whom are now grown.  I said to myself  "When I get jewelry wire I'll fix them".

Did I ever get that jewelry wire?  No.

Finally I decided to use what I had on hand, which is plenty of thread.  Instead of making a chain link with wire you'll be doing the same, except with thread.

Here are the tools I used to fix those Rosaries without wire.

Squeeze any open chain links with needle nosed pliers so they are closed.  This prevents the thread to slip off.

Take your long piece of thread and make a knot at the bottom making sure to get both sides of the thread so it's a long loop.

Insert your needle into a wire loop on the Rosary, then insert your your needle through your thread loop.  Pull taut.

Insert your needle through the other wire loop of the Rosary that you want to join.  Now you basically whip stitch a couple times through the loops to get a thread chain link.

To finish off you insert the needle through your chain link you made with the thread, but don't pull all the way.  Insert your needle into the loop you've created and pull taut.

Snip the thread and your done.


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