Saturday, May 11, 2013

Getting Things Done

Hello All,

 So far so good with my New Years Resolution.  I've completed a marathon!  Check one off the bucket list. Also, although I'm not posting The Looney Spoons recipes I'm making, I am staying the course and trying an average of two recipes a week.  I've done 80 recipes out of some 360, so, there is progress being made.

I've also seen immediate results with my new list making binder.  There was one  task on my list that has been there for a few years.  It would make it onto those loose lists, or constantly be on the back of my mind.  Well, thanks to the binder I've finally completed it.  It was the simplest task too.  I had to add black eyes to this guy:

The kids had pulled them out a few days after I made it three years ago!  It took all of five minutes to finish it too!  I really don't know why I felt it was so insurmountable.  I just never got around to it.  Well I was tired of seeing it on my list and so you know the rest.

According to my New Years Resolution I said I would compete in a triathlon in July.  I'm unsure right now since I don't have a bike.  I don't really want to buy a road bike for only one day, but we'll see.

Getting things done sure makes this gal feel good.


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