Saturday, May 25, 2013

Wedding Dress to First Communion Dress

Hi All,

It's my daughter's first communion tomorrow.  I perused some stores looking for a pretty white dress, and there are plenty.  But there's something about store-bought that's just, meh.  Sure she would look nice and it wouldn't take away from such an important day but what if she wore something that was hand made?

And not only that, hand made from something that has meaning?

That's where my wedding dress comes in.  Why keep it hidden away?  It's not like I'm going to where it again.  When I said my vows, I meant them.  And there was plenty of material for a girls dress.

 Here's the wedding dress and shawl:

I basically followed this tutorial but tweaked it by making a split back.  I made my own pattern for the bodice top by tracing around an existing dress that fit my girl.  I wish I could be able to explain the process of the split back, but I really just winged it, so how do you explain that?  Before cutting into that wonderful white material I practiced by making another dress.

Deconstruction of the dress what actually kinda fun.  The top bodice was cut from the shawl and the bottom was from the front three panels of the dress. I also used some of the liner and fluffy part (can't think of the name of the fabric, so fluffy part will have to suffice).

This is my wedding dress now:

But let's get to the First Communion dress, shall we?

The front:

The back:

How about some some close-ups?:

Side by side:

There you have it.  I even have enough to make a vest and tie when it comes time for my son's first communion.

Now the top part of the wedding dress can be turned into a prom dress by adding some fun fabric to the bottom half.  We'll see in time.  I may be thinking too far ahead.


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