Sunday, July 6, 2014

Display Frame

Hi All,

Wow, a whole month has passed already?  Well, in that month I've been busy working on a couple display items.  They will be used to display some of my merchandise at craft shows. 

Today I'll just show the frame.  It was the ugliest thing I bought for $8 at the thrift store.

How adorable is that kitty?  Yeah, not so.  But now check it out.

I'm going to use it to display some of my hoops on S-hooks, like so:

 Basically to break it down, what I did was, paint it white, then a couple coats of blue paint.  Then I used polyurethane to protect it.  I didn't have the traditional chicken wire, which is what I would have preferred but had this wire stuff.  I cut it to fit, and stapled it.

I screwed a couple Ikea shelf brackets I also found at the thrift store.  In order to make it lean, I screwed it about an inch from the bottom.

And, voila.  That's it for this prop.  I'll be back to share the other prop later. 


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