Monday, July 7, 2014

Vintage Suitcase Redo

Hi All,

Now onto part two of my display props.  Take a glimpse at this beauty:

I already stripped the inside of it's maroon silky lining fabric.  And this is what it looked like under that:

It was a real pain to get it clean on the inside.  I tried scraping it with an ice scraper and anything sharp really, which worked a little.

I thought "Hmm, maybe I'll wet it'.  It helped a little.  Then that brown adhesive started to turn all goopy and apple-sauce consistency-like on me.  It was disgusting.  It took awhile to get everything out too.  I got fed up and hosed the thing down in the backyard. Scrape, hose, scrape, hose.

I'd like to show you what it looks like now:

I painted it all white first.  Then the inside got a nice yellow and pink treatment.  The outside is modpodged with a nice fabric from a duvet I got from the thrift store.  

Concerning the metal ware; I should have spray painted that first, then painted everything.  Since I didn't, I thought I could Rub 'n' Buff them silver.  Well Rub 'n' buff is not sold here in Canada (or at least around where I live).  I had some chrome spray paint and I sprayed it into a container and used a paintbrush to brush it on.  I did the same with the handle (white spray paint).  The metal parts and handle are not flawless but anything compared to what it was is an improvement.


A sneak peak into some of my merchandise; pillow and coasters:

Well, that's it for the display props.  Now on to make more merchandise.



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