Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So Close Yet So Far

Hi All,

I'm slowly getting closer to achieving my dream of selling my items at a farmers market.  I've made the major purchase of a white 10 x 10 tent.  Thank God for Kijiji!  Also, I now have my 6' tables.

Left to purchase:

-Hat stands to display totes
-Folding chair x 2
-Small table or bookcase for checkout
-Tissue paper and washi tape to wrap bought products
-Bags to put purchased product in
-Cash box
-Business cards

Left to make:

-Weights for the tent
-Table covers x 2
-Price tags
-Sign that says "cash only"
-10 x the product!!!!

Left to do:

-Get farmer's market liability insurance
-Take pictures of my products
-Apply for market

I feel like I'm 10km into a marathon. Gone so far yet, so far to go.  I'm enjoying the whole process and am so excited that my dream is coming to fruition.


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