Thursday, September 4, 2014

Kids Back to School Board

Hi All,

Well we're in the first week of school here and to celebrate such an occasion I thought I'd blog about the homework board, or school board I made using two bulletin boards.

Truth be told, I made this last year.  It's just taken me awhile to post it.  It's been working for our family though, so at least you know it works!
I started with two plain bulletin boards purchased from the thrift store.  I wanted to attach them so that I will have a bigger board.

So I used some 2 x 1's and cut them to size.  Then Gorilla glued them together.

I then painted it all white to tie it all together.  Ta da!  Now they're attached together, making for a larger board.  Just add some washi tape to jazz it up.

Underneath, I added two metal wall file folders from target for $11 each!  Much better than the plastic ones I was eyeing from Staples.  Now when the kids get home, any notices get pinned to the board so that my fridge isn't cluttered up, and their homework and agendas go in the file folders.

There you have it, a place for any school papers and birthday invites, or anything to do with my children. The fridge is reserved for other papers.


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