Friday, September 19, 2014

Kitchen Cabinets

Hi All,

This summer I got at least one major project done.  I finally finished painting our kitchen cabinets!  Whew, that was quite a doozy.

I started in June.  And finally finished last week.  No, I have not been painting non-stop since June.  I started in June, with some time off in between.  Since we didn't have a whole lot of room, I decided to break this project into three phases.  It would have been too much to take off ALL the cabinet doors at once.  The major reason being we don't have enough room to do that.  So, due to lack of room, three phases is what it took.

Here's a look at what I started off with:  Basic 90's oak.


I wanted to brighten up the space, but did not what stark white.  I opted for Behr Linen white, and some new hardware. I started with oil-based primer (stinky stuff).

First phase was the top cabinets. Just a note; don't start with the cabinets you see most often, up close and in your face, unless you're a pro and this is not your first go 'round.  I can see all the little flaws in these, that I was able to iron out with a bit of practice.

Progress Pic:

Second phase was the bottom cabinets by the sink and to the left of the stove, after a long reprieve for some family and 10 year wedding anniversary celebrations for my hubby and I.

Sorry, no progress pic for that.

Last was around the fridge and the drawers next to the stove.

Ta Da!:

  Boy am I glad that's over. But I still have three bathroom vanities to get to.  Also that nice oak trim you see around the pantry?  Ya, that has to be painted white.  And I plan on painting ALL the trim in the house.  Let me tell you, that is A LOT of trim.  I'm taking a break for now though. 

One last look.

Some great blogs that explain the process here and here.


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