Friday, October 17, 2014

Scripture Organizer

So I've been memorizing scripture for a while now.  I went and bought this black mesh index card holder from Staples a couple years ago.  

I tried decorating it with colourful scrapbook brads.  Then the lid fell off.  And there it sat, on my dresser since.  It was sad looking.  Looking at that sad, dark index box was not inspiring to me.

I kept at memorizing scripture however and I accumulated enough scriptures to organize them "Charlotte Mason style".  This gave me enough motivation to give this little box a makeover.

First step was to spray paint it chrome.  After that dried, I painted the accents pink with acrylic paint free-handed.  Next, I put a final coat of Mod-podge just to give the pink a bit of shine and protection.  Finally, I had my husband glue the lid back on with whatever glue he uses to do that sort of thing.

Now, here it sits on my dresser.  Much better, and more inspiring I'd say.

My daily scripture is in front. And the ones that I know, but are still relatively new are in the Mon-Sat tabs (I take Sunday "off" since I get in a lot of scripture at mass).

The ones that I know pretty well are in the 1-31 tabs.  Right now, I only have enough for 18 but as I learn more they will get filled.  Since the box came with only 12 tabbed cards I made my own with index cards and some Scotch Expression tape.

And the final tab is "To Learn" which is self explanatory.  I also store all the extra cards behind this one.

There you have it.  Each day I review my daily scripture card, the card behind that day of the week, and also the day of the month it is that day.  


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