Sunday, November 2, 2014

Four years in the Making

About four years ago I started this little gem.  Four years! I finally finished it last night and laid it on my sleeping daughter to surprise her in the morning when she woke up.

It was my first time working with triangles, and after cutting some of them wonky, I stalled.  For three years!  Then this past summer I resolved to finish this quilt THIS year.  I fixed the wonky triangles and finished cutting up the rest of the fabric I set aside.

Then, when I laid everything out I realized I made a whopper in miscalculation.  I intended on zigzagging the entire quilt horizontally but I came up short.  I realized I only had enough zigzags that got me half-way down the quilt.

I flipped it 180 and made a big border around what I had instead.  Since this was for my oldest I had her pick out the fabric for the border. I'm glad for the pattern on the border as it hides all the puckers where the fabric gathered as I sewed.
Once the top was pieced, then sandwiched, I echo-quilted every other zigzag, and some straight lines on the borders.

Well it's done, and I'm glad.  I've realized I'm a small project kinda gal.  I prefer something that can be finished from start to finish in like 5 hours tops.

A pretty loud quilt huh?

Now I need to go and finish that quilt I started for my son three years ago... 

Noticing a pattern here?


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